Scalpel #11 CVD Diamond Knife For Soft Tissue Surgery


  • New CVD Diamond Blades Protected By Titanium Handle.
  • Easier To Use Than Metal Blades, Providing Improved Tissue Reapproximation With Superior Cosmetic Results.
  • Allows Greater Control & Precision With No Tissue Drag, For Quicker Surgery Time & Faster Healing Of Tissue.
  • Superior Sharpness Offers Uninterrupted, Effortless
  • Incising Of Tissue Without Changing Blades.
  • Provides Reduced Collateral Tissue Damage & Reduced Scar Formation.
  • Self Retracting CVD Diamond Blade For Improved Safety.
  • Provided With Its Own Cleaning System & Sterilization Case.
  • Reusable, Autoclaveable, And Can Be Used Indefinitely.

       Item Number:  05-81111
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