Rhein Recovery Bra & Rhein GEL-O’s

  For Compression Therapy

  For Cold Compress Therapy

  • Light Compression To Help Speed Healing.

  • Step-In Design To Avoid Reaching Overhead.

  • Front Adjustable Straps To Minimize Reach.

  • No Hooks, No Clasps, No Wires.

  • Reduce Swelling & Bruising.

  • Relieve Pain & Discomfort.

  • Central Opening Provides No-Cold Zone.

  • No Mess, Hands-Free Cold Therapy.

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      Item Numbers:

       85-9008-L Rhein Recovery Bra, Large (2 Bras & 2 Gel-O’s)
       85-9008-M Rhein Recovery Bra, Medium (2 Bras & 2 Gel-O’s)
       85-9008-S Rhein Recovery Bra, Small (2 Bras & 2 Gel-O’s)

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