Our Story

Rhein Cosmetic Surgery Solutions, A Division Of Rhein Medical, Inc., Has Been Developed To Address Unmet Needs In The Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Market. This Division Specializes In Proprietary Products Designed To Accelerate And Improve The Recovery Process For Patients Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery. We Understand The Importance For Surgeons To Be In More Control Of Post Operative Surgical Results. It Begins With Our CVD Diamond Scalpels, The Sharpest Scalpels On The Market. Designed For Soft Tissue Surgery, They Create Cleaner  Incisions For Better Tissue Re-Approximation And Improved Results. The Scalpels Are Ideal For Face Lifts, Breast Augmentations, Mastectomies, And Any Other Soft Tissue Cosmetic Surgery.

In Addition To Achieving Optimal Results, The Post Operative Healing Process Is A Critical Step In The Overall Success Of A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure. Rhein Cosmetic Surgery Solutions Is Committed To Developing Products That Equip Doctors And Patients With Tools To Help Facilitate Recovery, Reduce Pain, Swelling And Bruising, And Thus Improve Post Operative Surgical Results And Overall Patient Satisfaction.